QuFu GuangLong Biochem Co.,Ltd lies in Eastern Holy city, which is the world famous thinker, Confucius`s hometown. Our company was established in May 2000 which possess a capital of RMB 38.87 million. Its land area is 30000㎡, with architectural area 7669㎡. There are three workshops complied with GMP standard. There are 126 workers including 8 engineers and 29 technicians. We have automatic fermentation and purification equipment, perfect quality management system and modern testing methods with 20tons annual
Add:No.1 GuangMing Road Economic Zone QuFu ShanDong China
Complaints proposals office:
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.elxhcf.com.cn
Our company own superb management mode,gathering a group of professional researching and producing staff based on doctors and masters as the backbone. We form our own elite sales team and run our business across the country. In addition we establish close cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign universities
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